March club meeting status

Hey everybody,
I hope this email finds everyone in good health. We are all experiencing unprecedented events right now with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Governor has closed all bars and restaurants to sit down service leaving them to carry out orders only. Today President Trump has encouraged all gatherings of 10 or more be cancelled. 
As a group the club officers and I have had some discussions regarding holding the meeting. Based on these discussions and the government recommendations and guidelines I don’t think it would be responsible of me as club president to hold our meeting on Tuesday the 24th. Because of this I am canceling this meeting but we still plan to hold our quarterly club competition. If you have an entry or entries for the competition please respond to the club email and I will work to make arrangements for a drop off at either my house or at Alex’s house.  Plan to have all of your entries dropped off by Sunday at 6pm and once Alex and I work out the judging I will announce the winner. 
As of right now we have our April meeting scheduled at Dalton Union on 4/28 but we will have to see how everything plays out. 
Everybody take care of yourself, check on your elderly relatives and wash your hands. Remember we are brewers so Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize. 

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