This is our usual meeting agenda with descriptors for each item.

Our Meetings generally last about 2 hours but on occasion they do run a little longer. Sometimes our presentations run a little long, there may be a lot of homebrew to share and discuss or our social time at the end last longer. It really just depends on how much fun we are having.

Meet and Greet (10 minutes)

A small window of time, open to chat, to allow for members to arrive and settle in.

Club Business (10 minutes)

Discussion for future club meetings/events, upcoming competitions and general club direction.

Style Presentation (20 minutes)

Origin, history, attributes, ingredients, special processes/requirements, pointers and brewing procedures will be discussed. This will be accompanied by a commercial version and if available, a homebrewed version for sensory evaluation.

Technical Presentation (20 minutes)

At each meeting there will be a technical presentation of some variety. This could be on a particular subject (e.g. yeast rinsing, batch sparging, temperature control) or a facility tour. The topic will be selected and published ahead of each meeting.

Homebrew Sampling (30 minutes)

Member homebrew samples will be presented and discussed. After tastings tasters will provide constructive feedback to the homebrewer if they so desire. This process will repeat until all homebrew samples are exhausted.

Social Time (30 minutes)

If time remains after the meeting, the floor will be open to socialize. Homebrewers not comfortable with presenting during the homebrew sampling window can crack open their latest brews and share.